[Bug 264943] Please help testing *Debian* packages fixing these bugs in samba

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri Jan 9 17:05:25 GMT 2009

To Ubuntu Intrepid users experiencing these bugs:

For Debian, I prepared samba 3.2.5 packages that supposedly fix them:

  * Fix segfault whan accessign some NAS devices running old versions of Samba
    Closes: #500129
  * Fix process crush when using gethostbyname_r in several threads
    Closes: #509101, #510450

It would help a lot if you could test these packages. I suppose they
will work properly on Ubuntu Intrepid but I haven't check this in

These packages are apt-get'able:

deb http://pkg-samba.alioth.debian.org/packages-prospective/ ./
deb-src http://pkg-samba.alioth.debian.org/packages-prospective/ ./

Please note that using this source will upgrade any existing samba
binary package on your systems. No *other* package should be upgraded
by this operation. 

If you use aptitude, I recommend you "simpulate" the upgrade:

aptitude update
aptitude -s upgrade

Please also note that reverting back to official Ubuntu packages would
be recommended after this test, otherwise you might be later left
with packages for which no more security updates will come.

Still, if some of you could test and report if issues are fixed, that
would help greatly to improve samba packages in Debian, which in turn
will participate to the improvement of samba packages in Ubuntu.

gvfsd-smb crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()
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