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Mon Nov 3 05:25:04 GMT 2008

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In Ubuntu 8.10, samba shares cannot be browsed. A volume can be mounted
using Places->Connect to Server, but no directories or files are
visible. If gnome-commander is installed, the share can be mounted and
the *directories* can be browsed, but files cannot be seen. This is
apparently a bug in samba (discussed below)l

The following directories exist on the share:

In Gnome Commander, the directories show up as:

The Backup directory can be opened, but nothing (unless there are two
files with the same name (with the exception of the last character) are

Using Places->Connect to Server, only Backup will show, as this method
will not show a directory if it cannot get path info. In addition, if
directories oink, oink1 and oink2 are present in the share, *only* oink
will show up, as the last character being dropped off of all of them
results in oin, oink and oink.

Traces taken with wireshark show that the packets being sent from the
client system are dropping the last character of directories and files
when requesting path info. The directory information is sent earlier in
a FIND_FIRST2 response from the server side. However, a bug, possibly in
samba, drops the last character on directory requests. I will attach two
traces, both are very similar. "fail" was taken when connecting using
Places->Connect to Server, "success" was taken when connecting with
Gnome Commander.

** Affects: samba (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Cannot browse samba shares
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