[Bug 12296] Re: PHP5 or PHP4 for apache2-mpm-worker

Colin Dean cad at cad.cx
Wed Jul 30 21:47:19 BST 2008

I want to bump this bug up, too. I've been searching for HOWTOs for the
past two days trying to find out how to do this after reading an article
(can't find the link in my history now) which showed a three-fold
increase in speed with Worker+FastCGI+PHP5. Folks seem to be discussing
the benefits, but retaining the solutions. I've not found any similar
solutions--they're all different, and I've not been able to get any of
them to work.

I followed this and got it to work:
However, my site is MUCH slower--14 seconds to load opposed to
approximately one second with Prefork/mod_php5.

PHP5 or PHP4 for apache2-mpm-worker
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