[Bug 32067] Re: the security parameter must be set to share, not user, in smb.conf - Smb/Gnome sharing broken

Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen Ralf.Nieuwenhuijsen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 17:29:17 GMT 2008

"to get things done more

There seems to be a large gap between how the ubuntu develops use ubuntu
and rest of us, and what they like to work on, and what we would like
them to work on.

 In general if less than 90% of the people is able to do these basic
things, the release should be delayed:

  - being able to boot the live-cd and install ubuntu (like dapper, and it seems like hardy will have this too)
  - being able to connect to the internet 
  - being able to share files with people on the network (like samba being broken forever)
  - being able to edit a document and save it
  - being able to play a song (like rhythmbox shipping with gutsy gibbon with broken sound on about 50% of the pcs out there)
  - being able to keep the computer running and not have it crash while doing nothing (up until feisty!) (the default screensaver used to use 3d, which crashed with matrox, old intel and old ati cards. say 40% of the people) 

The intrinsic problem seems to be fun. Compiz is more fun to work on.
KVM is more fun to work on for a server-expert. Working on Poly-audio is
more fun than making rhythmbox not scratch on half the soundcards out
there. But they end up shipping a very broken system and misleading
people to believe 'its just their weird computer'.

I still can't believe they added compiz, tracker, deskbar and put all
those work into the bling and other release-note-show-off-features
instead of getting the basic tasks working. It's not that anybody here
minded trying to triage the bug ourselves, while the experts worked on
the fun stuff.  We though we did actually solve it (with user=share).
But instead of putting in 10 minutes of effort into fixing the problem,
they put in half an hour of effort to explain why our solution is wrong.
Which blows my mind even more.  user=share would still have been a
better fix than no fix.. It's what everybody is running now, after
googling and copy & pasting instructions from forums. Honestly, it's
just plain embarrising.

the security parameter must be set to share, not user, in smb.conf - Smb/Gnome sharing broken
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