[Bug 32067] Re: the security parameter must be set to share, not user, in smb.conf - Smb/Gnome sharing broken

Brian Visel aeon.descriptor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 18:18:10 GMT 2008

*nod* that's the same thing with the hard-disk eating bug.  Most systems
are fixed by turning APM off on the disk drive.  This is a one liner
that can be dropped in three directories and fix the problem for 90% of
the people.  Granted, it is not a *FIX* fix, but it makes it work
without problems for more people than it would otherwise.  But, things
have just.. ..floundered.  There are partial fixes, and they aren't
implemented because they don't work for everyone.  So people go, cut and
paste from forums, not knowing what they heck they're cutting and
pasting, and hope the person 1) got it right and 2) wasn't being

Can you think of a method of communication  (I mean, proposals, bugs
filed on launchpad about launchpad, forums, emailing people, ??) that
would have a decent probability of success in getting this communication
issue fixed or at least partially addressed?  There are lots of things
that can be done about it, from a technical standpoint -- even just to
something as simple as having "escalate" and "de-escalate" buttons, and
then a listing of bugs by their escalation value.

> I still can't believe they added compiz, tracker, deskbar and put all
> those work into the bling and other release-note-show-off-features
> instead of getting the basic tasks working. It's not that anybody here
> minded trying to triage the bug ourselves, while the experts worked on
> the fun stuff.  We though we did actually solve it (with user=share).
> But instead of putting in 10 minutes of effort into fixing the problem,
> they put in half an hour of effort to explain why our solution is wrong.
> Which blows my mind even more.  user=share would still have been a
> better fix than no fix.. It's what everybody is running now, after
> googling and copy & pasting instructions from forums. Honestly, it's
> just plain embarrising.

Well, I can believe they did -- the glitz is nice, and the tools useful
-- but, it seems to me that after a couple of releases (feisty, gutsy)
of new stuff, the focus for hardy should be on getting stuff working
all around. ..and being named "hardy", I think that was the intent.

Anywho, this mostly doesn't belong on this bug, I suppose, though
hopefully it will get some visibility, and perhaps we can do something
about it.  If you happen to know of other bugs in which people are
disgruntled or disappointed in the process that's going on, please fire
an email off to me at aeon.descriptor at gmail.com.  In aggregating that
info, I might be able to get a better idea of what the problems are and
how to deal with them, and the better of an idea that I have, the more
likely it is that I and others will be able to put together something
that causes some change.


the security parameter must be set to share, not user, in smb.conf - Smb/Gnome sharing broken
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