[Bug 256256] [NEW] Unacknowledged reboot required before folder can be shared

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Sat Aug 9 21:32:50 BST 2008

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Please forgive me if this isn't a bug, as I'm totally new to Linux. It
seems like a minor bug to me though. Also, I think the problem is in
nautilus-share, but I'm not really sure - all the help on finding where
a bug seemed to revolve around code errors rather than usability issues.
Anyhow - the bug:

I've just done a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.04 (note that I've installed
several times over the last week, and this behaviour occurs each time,
so I decided to report it). I want to share a folder with other users on
my network.

I right click, and select "Sharing Options", then click on the "Share
this folder" checkbox. At that point, a window appears telling me that
"Sharing service is not installed", and I click the "Install service"
button and enter my admin password.

After a couple of minutes of downloading and installing packages, I get
a window telling me that it has "Successfully applied all changes". Back
on the "Folder Sharing" window ("File Manager" is displayed in the
window bar), I click on the "Create Share" button.

At this point, within the "Folder Sharing" window, I am told that I
don't have appropriate permissions:

	'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error Permission denied
	You do not have permission to create a usershare. Ask your administrator to grant you permissions to create a share.

I am not given the option to enter my admin password - it just won't
work. If I close this window, and try it again from the top, it still
doesn't let me do it (same error) (I don't need to download and install
packages again though).

I get this error whether or not I select other options in the "Folder
Sharing" window.

This really had me puzzled the first time it happen and I started
looking around at all the complex ways to share folders from the
terminal. However, if I just reboot, everything works fine, apparently I
now have permissions. Perhaps all this could be resolved with a "Please
Reboot" message at the point when I'm told my changes are applied?

** Affects: samba (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Unacknowledged reboot required before folder can be shared
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