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Matthew Rossi matthew.penguincentral at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 03:12:07 BST 2007

Hi.  Has anyone been using this list at all over the last week? I've stopped
receiving the digest emails that i have become accustomed to receiving :(

Anyway, below is my best effort to sum up the last IRC meeting seeing that
no one has bothered to do it:

>    - We are behind in the MoS2007 project
>    - Popey blames it all on himself and his family...
>    - So the MoS will become two months so that no 11 - 30 can be
>    released when they are ready
>    - Andrew Gee, iGadget are unable to contribute in the near future
>    - Possibility of the use of mebeam.com, or other voip service to
>    host meetings instead of irc
>    - Was mentioned that Ubuntu-UK team uses asterisk, SIP
>    - Translations of screencasts into other languages
>    - Noted that subtitles in screencasts only appear for 2 seconds
>    - Mentioned OGG's support of multiple audio tracks, but having to
>    "remaster" the ogg every time another language track is recorded will bloat
>    the ogg file
>    - Possibility of putting screencasts for each app on the ubuntu
>    DVD.  Suggestion of accessing them in Help>Videos menu in any application
>    - Possibility of using Festival (Text to speech) for the screencasts
>    raised
>    - Noted that 1024x768 is fine for non-MoS screencasts, but higher
>    resolution is needed for MoS screencasts
> Side note: What resolution is used for the MoS screencasts anyway?

>    - Next meeting to aid Australian Member's attendance (yay, that's
>    me!).
>    - Next meeting to occur on the weekend of Oct 13 2007
>    - 4am UTC time proposed as a joke
> Side note: 4am UTC = 2pm AEST ;)

Right, I'll see you later...

Matthew Rossi

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