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Matthew Rossi matthew.penguincentral at
Tue Sep 25 01:18:52 BST 2007

Hi popey, just finished reading the IRC Log.  Saturday Oct 13 should be
good, but i'll have to get back to you nearer to the date, I may have to
push it to a Sunday depending on circumstance :( .  As if you guys would
wake up at 4am so that when i come on it is 2pm ;).  Um, 12am GMT = 10am
AEST (remember I am in Melbourne) so that is generally a good time.

There would be no space to put the screencasts on the Ubuntu CD, but on the
unofficial DVD there may be unless you compress the hell out of them ;)

Um, the mebeam thing is no good to me as i don't own a webcam, and i won't
have access to one until I upgrade my system to the iMac.

I will be back at my computer within 12 hours so I can make a screencast.
All I need to know is how long you want it to be and if there is anything
that you specifically want me to do for you guys.

Have a nice "holiday" with your family.  Do you plan to have meetings
between now and the 13th/14th?

Matthew Rossi

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