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Alan Pope alan at
Tue Oct 23 09:40:41 BST 2007

Hi Tabrez,

On Tue, 2007-10-23 at 13:38 +0530, Tabrez Iqbal wrote:

> Yeah, I had checked that page before starting, noting from that page
> that "Connecting to Printers" does not have the subtitles. Then just
> picked the screencast with "Print" in it, ending up with "Printing in
> Ubuntu," not realising there can be two screencasts about printing in
> gnu/linux! My bad :( 

Sorry about that. Hope it doesn't put you off contributing in the
future. Our translation system isn't perfect as you can see, and any
improvments would be welcome.

I have already contacted the launchpad developers to ask if they could
sort us out with some kind of import/export script to enable us to
manage translations in LP. Will speak to them again soon.

> By the way, just noticed that the Translation Status page doesn't list
> some subtitles in the "English" section(nearly 21 subtitle files, but
> only 8 links in "English" section). I am adding the missing links,
> somebody can edit them later if I add something incorrectly. 

Great stuff!

> This link not working -
>, on this page -
> It's available here for download:


> Two copies that don't match: 
> (note the trailing underscore in second file)


Many thanks.
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