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Alan Pope alan at
Thu Oct 11 11:08:28 BST 2007

Hi all,

We have previously discussed how it would be useful if we could manage
translations of subtitles in rosetta (launchpad). I have discussed this
with one of the LP developers and he seems positive that we can do
something to make life easier. They're a bit busy right now, but asked
me to come back to them next week - which I will do.

LP uses .po files in Rosetta, and of course we use .srt files. So
initially we can't just upload the .srts to LP and use the translation
system there. We need to convert the files, and importantly maintain the
timecode information in the process.

In order to get that conversion code directly in LP there would need to
be specification, approval, implementation and regression tests,
testing, deployment. So we're not going to do that initially. Instead
we'll use external tools to do the conversion. 

That means the process would go something like this..

* Screencast made
* Screencast transcribed into .srt
* .srt converted to .po 
* .po uploaded to a project in launchpad
* Translation done to multiple other languages
* Translated .po files downloaded and converted back to .srts
* .srt files uploaded to site.

Hope that makes sense. I will keep you updated on the progress.

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