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Alan Pope alan at
Tue Aug 28 23:22:22 BST 2007

Hi Andrew,

On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 21:29 +0100, Andrew Gee wrote:
> Hi!
> Right... After thinking for a while, I've decided I'd like to work on the following screencasts:


> Week 1:
> * Getting Help
> * Tour of the Ubuntu Desktop

Nice one. I have some notes about both of these

> Week 2:
> * Installing ubuntu (perhaps, as I don't really know what things could go wrong. Or the ones that would go wrong could be quite complex to explain)

This needs to cover the difference between the live cd, the alternate
cd, and the little used mini netinst cd. Problems include undetected
SATA cards, odd video cards, non-free hardware, most of which is covered
in the "problematic hardware" screencast later on.

> Week 3:
> * First steps - what you need to know about media playback
> * Playing media

These two I think should have a small amount of detail about why media
playback is "broken" in some peoples eyes. It should not go "too far"
and should really be pretty quick and easy. From showing the auto codec
download thing in feisty/gutsy, to showing that there are alternative
media players such as vlc and mplayer. Also worth noting that totem can
use multiple "backends" - gstreamer and/or xine.

> Week 4:
> * Email
> * IM

These should be quite nice and simple, but might need a little setup,
registering for some free pop mail accounts (gmail will do) and some IM
setups. Register a yahoo, msn and google account up front maybe?

> Of course, this is only a "preliminary" selection. *If* and when I finish a few of them, I may move onto others.

Cool. Of course there is a firm deadline on each one :)

> I currently don't know how much work sixthform will be, when I start next friday. I can't imagine it being too bad though.

To add to the pressure I am on holiday from 14th Sept for a week with
almost zero net access. Which is why I want to get up to about the
22nd/23rd done before I go away. We can upload them and drupal can make
the pages live at 1am on the day in question.

We can put the videos up easily, and keep the names hidden, even using
YYYYMMDD_MoS2007_<screencast_title>.ogg will make it impossible for
people to guess them (unless they read this list and the wiki ;)

> I hope I'll be able to complete as many of these as possible. I seem to like to get everything planned "over the top" for each screencast though. But 
> as I've done two, the process should be a bit more streamlined...

Fantastic, this is great news.

> Now to get to planning!

I'll put my notes on the wiki tomorrow (Wednesday), as I have built up a
fair amount that you might want to see.

> One last message... Is it possible to make the reply-to of the list, the list address rather than the message sender.

I changed it before sending this message so this should be fixed now.


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