Month Of Screencasts 2007 introduction.

Alan Pope alan at
Mon Aug 27 17:40:07 BST 2007


As discussed at the meeting, September is "Month Of Screencasts 2007" or
"MoS2007". This will comprise one screencast per day for the month of
September 2007. In addition there will be one screencast released before
the start of September to promote and explain the concept.

Each video will be self contained but will follow on from the previous
one in a "course" style. 

Each video to be made available for download in OGG/Theora/Vorbis format
at 3 resolutions starting with 1280x720 being the largest and 968x544 &
640x360 as the smaller resolutions. They will also be available in FLV
format (flv video, mp3 audio) for streaming (and download?).

The videos _might_ be podcastable (if I can figure out how to do that in
Drupal 4 easily), if not, the RSS feeds will just have links to the
videos which people will have to click on to download (as opposed to
having a podcast client grab the enclosures).

I have found some music for the start and end titles and will pay the
(small) license fee to allow us to use it. It's called "Computer
Control", track 7 off the album "Now is the Time" by "The Bots":- 

With this one I have left the first two lines in. Could maybe fade out
around 24 seconds in or so. I recommend listening, it will make more

But I also like "Where has our love gone", track 8 off the album "Truth"
- also by "The Bots":-

Magnatune have some rather nice licensing rules which should mean it's
really cheap to use that music. I have asked them for clarification
about the type of license I should buy. Will feed back once that is

I've tried taking the first 15-18 seconds of both tracks and they seem
to work quite well with a fade out as the vocal section starts.

I'll send a follow up mail with the rough schedule in.

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