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Mon Feb 20 09:50:36 UTC 2012

Dear list, Uri,

Like you said, Haggai, you prefer waiting until after Nux developers accept
the patch.

I've commented in the merge

About changing the default: It should be done in a way that:

   1. Affects only users that have set their locale to an RTL one
   2. Would be inplemented as a package upgrade in existing precise
   3. Would take into consideration encrypted homes
   4. Would allow users with RTL localed to override and choose Unity proper
   5. Requires minimum and clear changes to preferably one package so that
   it would actually be accepted into precise
   6. Would be easily revertible with a package upgrade once Unity proper
   has the RTL support

Haggai, I hope you'll be our savior and take it on :) and that my list of 6
requirements doesn't scare you off :) I don't want to sound like a boss but
these really are the requirements I see before us for this approach.

And if you need a hint on where to start, even though I don't know the
session startup process, I would look at the process that runs with the UID
of the user at session startup and launches the shell. Looking at the
process tree, it looks like lightdm, the greeter, starts gnome-session. I
would assume that lightdm passes the choice of shell to gnome-session
somehow. So perhaps gnome-session should be patched to choose Unity-2D for
RTL locale users even when the choice passed to it was Unity proper. If
this is all true and gnome-session can read the user's locale at that

If we find out that there's no good way to make Unity 2D launch instead of
Unity proper, we could perhaps patch Unity proper to replace itself with
Unity 2D when the locale is an RTL one.

I hope that helped.

Thanks and Blessings,


On 20 February 2012 08:24, Haggai Eran <haggai.eran at> wrote:

> Hi,
> The patch for mirroring in nux is waiting for review. I posted a comment
> today asking about the delay. After that patch is merged there is still a
> lot of work needed to be done with unity itself. If anyone wants to
> cooperate there, we can start working even before the patch is accepted,
> but I would still prefer waiting, since we would need to maintain our
> patches and merge unity updates until both the nux and unity changes are
> accepted.
> Changing the default in precise seems like a good idea. My guess is that
> this should be done in the installer, but I'm not familiar with that area
> in Ubuntu.
> Regards,
> Haggai
> בתאריך 2012 2 19 18:24, מאת "Shahar Or" <mightyiampresence at>:
>> Dear Ones,
>> Uri Shabtay, you have sent a message with a call for help about the state
>> o RTL in Ubuntu and more specifically in Unity.
>> Haggai, is there actually some work to be helped with? As I understand
>> it, you mentioned that a patch to enable RTL in Nux, which is the
>> kind-of-new toolkit that Unity is built upon, is being held up for some
>> reason.
>> Would you brothers think, that it would be a good strategy to have Unity
>> replace itself with Unity 2D for RTL locales? This would be until Unity has
>> RTL support. If so, would anyone want to write such a patch and supply it
>> to us or testing?
>> Blessings,
>> Shahar
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