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On 1 April 2012 10:05, Haggai Eran <haggai.eran at> wrote:

> Hi,

Dear Haggai,

>  I think the letter looks great, and I hope it will be acknowledged. I
> thought I'd add a few comments:
>    1. The chromium link provides a very good explanations about the need
>    for RTL mirroring, and also on how they designed its implementation in a
>    real world application. I'm not sure that everyone who reads our letter
>    would have the patience to read it though. I think we should add a couple
>    of words of our own, regarding the problem and its solution. Perhaps
>    something like the following, which is roughly based on Chromium page [1]
>    and on Qt's [2]:
>    Implementing support for languages that are written from right to
>    left, requires more than just translating the strings. Since users are
>    accustomed to read from right to left, they naturally scan the UI from
>    right to left, and the UI's layout need to be changed to facilitate this.
>    For instance, text should be right aligned, instead of left aligned, and
>    checkbox's are commonly placed to the right of their label, instead of to
>    the left. You can read more about this issue at the Chromium project's UI
>    Mirroring Infrastructure page [1].
> Thank you! I've added it with further editing.

>    1.
>    2. We should provide references to other successful mirroring
>    implementations. We can even just provide links to screenshots if there
>    isn't a well documented page like in Chromium. I think we should have
>    screenshots of LTR vs RTL in GNOME 2, GNOME 3, KDE, and Windows [3]. We can
>    also provide a couple of web applications screenshots that are mirrored,
>    like Gmail, or Facebook.
>    This link [2] at the Qt project provides a short explanation on the
>    QML right-to-left support (but no screenshots). Microsoft [3] also provides
>    a detailed explanation on their APIs for mirroring, including Win32 and
>    .NET, and also a chapter on mirroring HTML pages. The W3C [4] provides a
>    tutorial on RTL support in HTML. It seems to be more directed to BiDi text
>    support though.
> I've added screenshots and a link to these resources.

>    1.
>    2. I feel uncomfortable about the paragraph saying this bug shouldn't
>    have happen. While I agree they should have used the existing work in this
>    area, and not repeat other's mistake, its hard to blame them when all other
>    projects had past through the same level of support initially. And in any
>    case, I don't feel that we should be passing blame in such a letter. Also,
>    I think the word participatory usually applies to the thing you participate
>    in, as in "a participatory democracy", and not to the participants.
> OK, I changed all that.

> Regards,
> Haggai

Thanks and Blessings,

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> On 1 April 2012 06:17, Shahar Or <mightyiampresence at> wrote:
>> Dear Friends,
>> A call has been sound forth from the Ubuntu Desktop team to participate
>> in the development of Ubuntu 12.10.
>> This is a great opportunity to step in to our natural positions in QA and
>> development early in the cycle, so that we can ensure the best experience
>> for RTL users in Ubuntu 12.10.
>> As an answer to that call, I've written a draft email  back to the
>> Desktop Team mailing list and before I send it, I would like to ask of you
>> to look over it and see how it can be made better.
>> All of the details and the draft email is in the Wiki at:
>> Thanks and Blessings,
>> Shahar
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