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I think the letter looks great, and I hope it will be acknowledged. I
thought I'd add a few comments:

   1. The chromium link provides a very good explanations about the need
   for RTL mirroring, and also on how they designed its implementation in a
   real world application. I'm not sure that everyone who reads our letter
   would have the patience to read it though. I think we should add a couple
   of words of our own, regarding the problem and its solution. Perhaps
   something like the following, which is roughly based on Chromium page [1]
   and on Qt's [2]:

   Implementing support for languages that are written from right to left,
   requires more than just translating the strings. Since users are accustomed
   to read from right to left, they naturally scan the UI from right to left,
   and the UI's layout need to be changed to facilitate this. For instance,
   text should be right aligned, instead of left aligned, and checkbox's are
   commonly placed to the right of their label, instead of to the left. You
   can read more about this issue at the Chromium project's UI Mirroring
   Infrastructure page [1].

   2. We should provide references to other successful mirroring
   implementations. We can even just provide links to screenshots if there
   isn't a well documented page like in Chromium. I think we should have
   screenshots of LTR vs RTL in GNOME 2, GNOME 3, KDE, and Windows [3]. We can
   also provide a couple of web applications screenshots that are mirrored,
   like Gmail, or Facebook.
   This link [2] at the Qt project provides a short explanation on the QML
   right-to-left support (but no screenshots). Microsoft [3] also provides a
   detailed explanation on their APIs for mirroring, including Win32 and .NET,
   and also a chapter on mirroring HTML pages. The W3C [4] provides a tutorial
   on RTL support in HTML. It seems to be more directed to BiDi text support

   3. I feel uncomfortable about the paragraph saying this bug shouldn't
   have happen. While I agree they should have used the existing work in this
   area, and not repeat other's mistake, its hard to blame them when all other
   projects had past through the same level of support initially. And in any
   case, I don't feel that we should be passing blame in such a letter. Also,
   I think the word participatory usually applies to the thing you participate
   in, as in "a participatory democracy", and not to the participants.



On 1 April 2012 06:17, Shahar Or <mightyiampresence at> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> A call has been sound forth from the Ubuntu Desktop team to participate in
> the development of Ubuntu 12.10.
> This is a great opportunity to step in to our natural positions in QA and
> development early in the cycle, so that we can ensure the best experience
> for RTL users in Ubuntu 12.10.
> As an answer to that call, I've written a draft email  back to the Desktop
> Team mailing list and before I send it, I would like to ask of you to look
> over it and see how it can be made better.
> All of the details and the draft email is in the Wiki at:
> Thanks and Blessings,
> Shahar
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