FluxBB 1.4 template

Stas Sushkov stas la nerd.ro
Mie Iun 24 19:19:39 BST 2009

Hi Nobuto,
and thanks for getting in touch.

As you have found already, yes we're willing to move to 1.4, the only
problem now we face is the lack of time.

We got a ticket in our loco project on LP which is assigned to me, but
I could solve so far is actually nothing related to the fluxbb1.4
Here's the ticket:

I also can't predict when the new version will come (most probably
during next month), the only thing is for sure is that It has to be
done and if you're ready to take it on your own I would love to help
you if there will be any need.

So, let's keep in touch. It will also be great to have your support on
testing the new theme.

Btw, can you describe in more details (give me a link or a screenshot)
what's the bug on your Japanese forum? Maybe we can fix it? :)

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