FluxBB 1.4 template

Nobuto MURATA pores.n la gmail.com
Mie Iun 24 14:14:01 BST 2009

Hello, I'm Nobuto MURATA, mailing from Japan.

Japanese LoCo's forums (https://forums.ubuntulinux.jp/) consist of FluxBB 1.2.xx
and Romania LoCo's template (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Templates).

But we are facing FluxBB 1.2.xx problem.
For example, font size is small for Japanese characters.
However making font size larger causes layout break.

So, I am going to build up new Ubuntu template for FluxBB 1.4.

I found this thread
http://forum.ubuntu.ro/viewtopic.php?id=6070 ,
it seems call for translation.
But I cannot find works for FluxBB 1.4 template.

Is Romania LoCo now working on FluxBB 1.4 template?
To prevent duplicate work, I'd like to share information.

Best Regards from Japan,
Nobuto Murata.
pores.n at gmail.com

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