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handsome_feng jianfengli at
Wed Mar 11 06:28:14 UTC 2020

Hi, Steve and Dimitri,

Thanks for your support! :)

> Can you please provide links to the hardware specs of those laptops?
I have two typical kunpeng and phytium machines, here is a list of hardware:
A. FT-2000+/64, checkout these info from:
B. Huawei Kunpeng 920 1229K, link:

> Do they use UEFI boot? Android Boot? UBoot? Flashkernel?
Usually these machines support both UEFI boot and u-boot. 

> Do they use secureboot? And did you test that Ubuntu secureboot signed
> shim works on them?
I didn't find the SECURE boot status message on these machines, and not sure whether SECURE boot is not supported or turned off by default. So I didn't test the Ubuntu secureboot signed shim.

> Does Ubuntu Kernel have relevant DTBs built-in?
Ubuntu kernel don't have relevant DTBs built-in, but hardware provider provides relevant infomation, It include migration document and installable packages.

> I personally have Yoga C630 and could assist to bring up the Ubuntu
> Kylin on ARM64, but you will need to come up with acceptance criteria
> to release the ARM64 image and commit to the QA testing of the ARM64
> builds.
>> I am happy to review branches for lp:ubuntu-cdimage, lp:livecd-rootfs and
>> lp:~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu in support of this.

Take into the current situation, we dont think the migration of Kunpeng and Phytium firmware can be completed before beta freeze. Now in china, some raspberry pi users need the out of the box desktop version systems, perhaps providing them with a localized Ubuntu/UbuntuKylin preinstalled image is a good start to support other ARM devices, and we can do some work about this first.


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