[SRU discussion] Renaming the 'Regression Potential' section

Corey Bryant corey.bryant at canonical.com
Thu Jul 30 13:35:56 UTC 2020

On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 5:36 AM Iain Lane <laney at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Hiya,
> I often come across SRU bugs from developers that seem to treat the
> Regression Potential section as a place to argue why their upload is not
> risky and should be accepted. Like
>   [ Regression Potential ]
>   Low. This only changes X Y Z.
> I'm not going to bother repeating the arguments for why that's wrong. I
> find the wiki page
>   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/#SRU_Bug_Template
> quite clear on what's needed. But I think the message hasn't managed to
> get through to everybody yet, which to me indicates that we haven't yet
> achieved a universal culture of critically assessing our own work.
> Thinking "what if I'm wrong and this update is bad, where might that
> happen?"
> My *straw man* proposal is to rename the section to something like
> 'Where problems could occur' or something more explicit than what we
> currently have.

I think renaming this section is a good idea. I tend to read the sections
as "What is the [ Impact ]?", "What is the [ Test Case ]?", "What is the [
Regression Potential ]?".
So a response of "Low. This only changes X Y Z." seems to answer that
question even if that's not what's intended.

Maybe [ Regression Impact ] or [ Regression Analysis ]?

"What is the [ Regression Impact ]?"
"What is the [ Regression Analysis ]?"

It's a tough one to reduce into 2 words.


> This is obviously partly/mostly a problem that the expectations haven't
> gotten through to people, so while I think we should rename, any change
> will need to be communicated so that people know about it and then
> enforced by the SRU team for a little while.
> Thoughts welcome.
> Cheers,
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