Ubuntu 18.04.2 (not-quite) RC images for testing!

Adam Conrad adconrad at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 5 10:11:00 UTC 2019

Rolling off the presses and posting to the ISO tracker as you read this
are RCish (but not quite) images for the 18.04.2 point release.  These
are definitely not the final images, but after several hiccups over the
weekend getting to here, I think we need to start testing in earnest
now, and we can re-test more lightly as the last bits land.

The current bits known to not be final are:

  * A ubiquity (and partman-efi) upload in proposed is still in the
    process of being verified to fix some bugs on EFI installs.  I'd
    recommend checking out that bug if you do an EFI install and be
    you're not running into something that's already fixed but not
    on these images.

  * base-files is still sitting in proposed (meaning various parts of
    the OS will consider themselves "18.04.1" still), and the ISO
    labels still read "Beta" instead of "Release" because of the above.

Once we're sure of the ubiquity fix, we'll respin again for that, and
hopefully be on the way to a final release, but PLEASE TEST NOW, so if
we find MORE release critical bugs, we can get them all addressed in
one or two iterations instead of five or ten.

Happy testing, and here's to a smooth (fingers crossed) point release,

... Adam Conrad

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