Fresh RCs for 18.04.3 -- Please Test

Ian Bruntlett ian.bruntlett at
Tue Aug 6 11:20:02 UTC 2019

Hi Adam,

On Mon, 5 Aug 2019 at 21:12, Adam Conrad <adconrad at> wrote:

> Fresh RCs for 18.04.3 have been spun up and posted to the ISO tracker
> today, and these ones are the Real Deal.  The volume labels are set
> and base-files is updated, and barring any showstoppers, these are
> what I expect to release on Thursday.

OK. Downloaded this:-
72491db7ef6f3cd4b085b9fe1f232345 *bionic-desktop-amd64.iso

And installed it on a Dell Inspiron 530 Tower PC. 2GiB RAM, Intel Core 2
6600 2.4GHz CPU, using a USB flash drive.

Rebooted it and it seems to work OK. Am quite tired and will do more
demanding testing later (I'm tired).


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