Fresh RCs for 18.04.3 -- Please Test

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Mon Aug 5 20:12:20 UTC 2019

Fresh RCs for 18.04.3 have been spun up and posted to the ISO tracker
today, and these ones are the Real Deal.  The volume labels are set
and base-files is updated, and barring any showstoppers, these are
what I expect to release on Thursday.

So, please, pick your favourite flavour and get testing.  Do keep in
mind that any bug that was also present in 18.04.2 isn't considered
a blocker, and minor regressions can be dealt with post-release, but
if you find something dire and boot/install critical, we need to hear
about it yesterday so we can get it sorted by release.

Thanks in advance, and happy testing,

... Adam

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