Please document & announce merge proposals workflow for the ProposedMigration hints

Lukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at
Wed Jun 20 15:18:24 UTC 2018

Hey Dimitri,

I agree we should potentially be more informative about what to do in
the uncommon case of tests needing being ignored and packages hinted
in because of, let's say, some other package in the archive
introducing a regression what went unnoticed, thus blocking package
migration (requiring a fix in the other package). That being said, we
should make sure to be clear that hinting is not the only way to go
and should be done if there's no other sensible way to go forward - I
wouldn't want developers taking this new part of the documentation as
an excuse to not fix their broken tests instead of just fixing them
with a subsequent upload. We should mention it's all for cases like
tricky transitions or simply breakages that are unrelated and not
fixable in the package itself.

I can try fitting something in like that in the documentation.

I guess it would be nice to also document the hint syntax, as I don't
know if we already have a place with that explained. It was usually
just something one was either learning from others or from reading the
code, which is not how it should be for sure.


On 20 June 2018 at 16:35, Dimitri John Ledkov <xnox at> wrote:
> Dear Release team,
> Please document on something
> along the lines - What to do if tests have regressed/broken in the
> release?
> And explain that one should write hints and make merge proposals
> against the ubuntu-release file.
> Also please explain the supported hints and their format. I've managed
> to construct some of them, but it is a bit fragile / non-intuitive.
> Also do a one-off announce on ubuntu-devel@ mailing list that hints
> overrides should be done as merge proposals and not ad-hoc IRC pings
> on #ubuntu-release, with copy & paste of the new doc section about it.
> Since merge proposals, appear to be much easier to discuss / review /
> queue process, and have history available about them.
> This is a crucial bit that is missing from ProposedMigrations
> documentation, and I think lack of docs/advertisement on "how to make
> hints changes happen" affects many developers and should be publicized
> / re-advertised more widely.
> --
> Regards,
> Dimitri.
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