Fwd: Releasing systemd 237-3ubuntu10.2 bionic SRU

Dimitri John Ledkov xnox at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 19 09:43:09 UTC 2018

Dear release team,

Please release 237-3ubuntu10.2 bionic SRU. All bugs have been
validated, and it has been aged.

There are two adt regressions on the report, which imho should be
ignored as neither are regressions.

systemd/armhf - the sleep/hybernate offset patchset introduced a new
testcase/assertion, which fails to pass when confined in lxd/lxc, but
works on baremetal. The test was not correctly guarded for our lxd/lxc
confinment and is to be fixed. It is the last assertion in the
test-sleep binary, and all other tests pass. This is to be fixed, in
the next SRU, or this extra test case dropped from bionic.

linux/s390x - stree-ng personality tests cases are failing, as per
cking this has been fixed, I'm currently reruning the linux/s390x on
bionic and it should pass, if not, I will followup with cking on that.
Otherwise, there is nothing in linux/s390x adt tests results
indicating any other failures or regressions that may have been caused
by systemd userspace.

Please release 237-3ubuntu10.2 into bionic-updates.



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