Re-evaluating Ubuntu's Milestones

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Sat Apr 21 09:15:18 UTC 2018

On 21/04/18 02:35, Simon Quigley wrote:
> Happy Release Week!
> I do not believe there have been any -1s to this proposal from any
> flavor, nor from the Release Team, so I think it's time to move forward
> with it.
> In summary, what will now happen from here on out is that opt-in
> milestones will be discontinued in favor of testing "weeks" (Tuesday
> through Thursday). I can organize the testing weeks for the 18.10 cycle
> (so we can get a process going), but from the 19.04 cycle and on,
> representatives (probably Release Managers) from any active flavor can
> (and should!) organize these testing weeks.
> Additionally, I will look into the automated testing Steve brought up
> shortly after the 18.04 release, with the goal being to adopt that
> sooner rather than later. I'll write a follow-up email to ubuntu-release
> once I have something to show for that.
> Thanks everyone!
One quick question here - imagine that :)

Given that we all (apparently) find it hard to get people testing during 
the 3 days we currently get at milestone's - why are we carrying on with 
that same tight schedule? You'll know the way this happens - it's the 
end of the testing session and suddenly someone is asking for help 
looking at their images for some reason.

If we are going to just organise sections of time amongst ourselves 
during these new periods - why not do away with "weeks" and actually 
have a week - a real week. If we can't manage to organise amongst 
ourselves for longer than a couple of days then I think we should all 
pack up and do something else ;)

If not, then all that's really been accomplished here is making life 
easier for Canonical (not that I disagree with us doing that I hasten to 
add), we as flavours are gaining nothing.

We - as flavours - still have 3 days only to try and get people to find 
30 minutes in their life.

cheers - have good weekends


NB - personally I'd still prefer a system where I could stop my image 
building - and then do whatever testing I wanted to - then turn the 
build on again.

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