Is a 16.04 alpha 2 needed?

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Tue Jan 26 05:38:39 UTC 2016

Hi all,

According to <>, this is
the week we would plan to do Alpha 2 for Xenial if there was a need for one.

And according to <>, no
one has signed up to do any of the work for this particular alpha milestone.

Is this alpha needed by any of the teams?  The thought some time ago was
that the continuous installability guarantees of proposed-migration would
make specific alpha milestones unnecessary.  The Ubuntu team have been
making use of this now for several cycles to great effect.  Are other
flavors still finding these alphas necessary, or is the system of
continuously-installable images working for you?  Does someone wish to step
forward to drive alpha 2?

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