Preparing for 14.04.4 release on Feb 18

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Wed Feb 10 10:16:49 UTC 2016

For starters, people may note that the date in the subject is a week
later than they were expecting.  Due to a lack of testing of the HWE
stack, and a few other compounded issues (like my being ill), I'm
delaying the release until the 18th, prefering having it done right,
rather than having it done quickly.

With that said, here's the general plan:

1) If you haven't already smoketested some dailies to make sure your
   flavour is working alright with the HWE stack, please do so now.

2) If you have last minute fixes that affect the live session or the
   installer, get them in the queue now and bring my attention to
   them.  Anything that doesn't fit those two categories will likely
   not make it into the point release (but will be fine as SRUs as
   usual after the release).

3) I will be promoting the HWE stack to -updates and switching the
   ISO builds to exclude -proposed by the end of the week, and we
   can consider any images produced over the weeked as RCs for the
   point release.

4) Testing in the first few days of next week should lead us to a
   set of images we're confident about releasing on Thursday.

Remember that *all* flavours signed up to be LTS flavours for trusty,
so do find some people to test, and remind your counterparts from
other flavours that they're on the hook for giving us a pass/fail,
and do be good citizens and help out where people are lacking in the
right hardware or manpower to test a specific image.

... Adam

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