Preparing for 14.04.4 release on Feb 18

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Wed Feb 10 11:10:52 UTC 2016

Den 2016-02-10 kl. 11:16, skrev Adam Conrad:
> For starters, people may note that the date in the subject is a week
> later than they were expecting.  Due to a lack of testing of the HWE
> stack, and a few other compounded issues (like my being ill), I'm
> delaying the release until the 18th, prefering having it done right,
> rather than having it done quickly.
> With that said, here's the general plan:
> 1) If you haven't already smoketested some dailies to make sure your
>    flavour is working alright with the HWE stack, please do so now.
> 2) If you have last minute fixes that affect the live session or the
>    installer, get them in the queue now and bring my attention to
>    them.  Anything that doesn't fit those two categories will likely
>    not make it into the point release (but will be fine as SRUs as
>    usual after the release).
> 3) I will be promoting the HWE stack to -updates and switching the
>    ISO builds to exclude -proposed by the end of the week, and we
>    can consider any images produced over the weeked as RCs for the
>    point release.
> 4) Testing in the first few days of next week should lead us to a
>    set of images we're confident about releasing on Thursday.
> Remember that *all* flavours signed up to be LTS flavours for trusty,
> so do find some people to test, and remind your counterparts from
> other flavours that they're on the hook for giving us a pass/fail,
> and do be good citizens and help out where people are lacking in the
> right hardware or manpower to test a specific image.
> ... Adam

Hi Adam,

I'll start testing Lubuntu 14.04.4 :-)

But there is one improvement, that I will suggest at once: Please
upgrade the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator, usb-creator-gtk, to version
0.3.2 (recently developed by Marc Deslauriers). This version is tested
in Xenial Xerus and works well.

Best regards

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