Draft Wily release schedule posted

Adam Conrad adconrad at ubuntu.com
Tue May 12 23:17:38 UTC 2015

There is finally a draft Wily release schedule posted at:


If people could go through it and follow-up to the ubuntu-release list
if they have any serious issues with it, that would be lovely.

As always, everyone will have minor nitpicks, a specific conference or
sprint that you'd prefer not happen during a milestone, and we can't
accomodate all of those, so please be reasonable when raising concerns,
realizing that this affects hundreds (if not thousands) of contributors
other than just you.

The schedule is a 26-week schedule, which should look shockingly
similar to Utopic and Vivid's schedules, with a couple of minor bits
shuffled to accomodate landing milestones pleasantly on month-end
boundaries, but should generally be a familiar formula at this point.

Comments and complaints welcome, please don't edit directly, but
rather discuss in this thread instead, and we'll reach some semblance
of consensus.

... Adam

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