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Fri Sep 26 21:44:38 UTC 2014

I'd support (and work on) getting 3.16 in 15.04. By then we should be
mostly back in sync with debian, so it's probably something we could do.

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 7:42 AM, Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at>

> Hi amjjawad,
> On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 10:06:23PM +1000, Ali/amjjawad wrote:
> > Since I have joined in July 2013 to Ubuntu GNOME until this very moment,
> > users never stop complaining about the fact that Ubuntu GNOME can not
> > include the latest GNOME release and I have explained that many many
> times.
> > The last time I did that was:
> >
> > No matter how many times we keep repeating ourselves, this is just a
> > bad/unhappy news to our users.
> > I am writing to you after I have seen so many negative feedback here:
> >
> > Is there anything whatsoever we could do? GNOME foundation and Ubuntu
> > Release Team could work more closely, maybe? is there something I/we are
> > not aware of? sorry to assume that - just trying to think the same way
> our
> > users think - but is it because Ubuntu moved to Unity and left GNOME
> behind
> > as not the default DE? can we find a way around that? maybe an official
> > statement from Ubuntu Release Team? anything that could reduce the
> > complaints?
> In your mail to ubuntu-gnome, you write:
>   If you take a look at it, and know the fact that within one month, we
> can't
>   test Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 with the latest GNOME (3.14) and then release it,
>   etc etc ...
> This seems to be a decision of the Ubuntu GNOME Team, not something that
> would involve a statement from the Ubuntu Release Team.  In the past, when
> the Ubuntu desktop was more closely based on GNOME and there was greater
> alignment between the two projects, there was careful synchronization
> between the release schedules to ensure that the latest GNOME would be
> included in each Ubuntu release.  This was certainly not a trivial amount
> of
> work; it required several engineers to track the upstream betas and point
> releases in the last months before release and update the packages
> regularly
> in coordination with the Ubuntu Release Team.  And I certainly understand
> if
> the Ubuntu GNOME Team aren't willing to commit to this same work on a
> volunteer basis.  But ultimately this is a decision for the Ubuntu GNOME
> team to make (with the support of the Ubuntu Release Team), not for the
> release team itself.
> I think it's too late to revisit such a decision for 14.10 without
> significant downside for the quality of Ubuntu GNOME; but for 15.04, I
> recommend that you explicitly consider at the beginning of the release
> cycle
> whether you would like to release with the latest version of GNOME, and
> discuss with the wider community to understand how to make this work
> without
> negatively impacting other flavors in the Ubuntu ecosystem.
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