Ubuntu GNOME and GNOME - the endless debate

Ali/amjjawad amjjawad at gnome.org
Thu Sep 25 08:13:39 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Almost every time I check our Social Media Channels [1] and/or the mailing
list, I always come across the very same question which is being asked over
and over again. Therefore, we have published this:


Due to the fact that people don't read nor search, we have to re-post or
re-answer the same question over and over again :)

Well, I will be extra nice and kind and mention that once every cycle ;)

GNOME 3.14 has been released:


Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 Final Beta (AKA Beta 2) will be released today. Ubuntu
GNOME 14.10 Stable will be released in:


That said, if you do the simple calculation on the calender, and if you're
around for few months or you have been using Ubuntu or any flavor
(official) for sometime, you will understand - without a question - that it
is nearly impossible or to be more accurate, extremely hard to include the
latest GNOME into Ubuntu GNOME.

To be fair, it is no one fault. This is just how things are happening.

Ubuntu, as all of you may know, have a strict schedule and something called
feature freeze:


And more on this link:

If you take a look at it, and know the fact that within one month, we can't
test Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 with the latest GNOME (3.14) and then release it,
etc etc ...

For all that, simply, and shortly, we can NOT include the latest GNOME with
the latest stable release of Ubuntu GNOME.

Therefore, we have PPA.

Hope this will help people to understand more about this :)

Thank you and if you have any Q, please ask :)

I have written this email quickly so excuse me if there are some mistakes

Best Regards,
amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>
*Remember: *"All of us are smarter than any one of us."

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