Beta Process - reworked - DRAFT available for discussion.

Kate Stewart kate at
Mon Sep 9 04:27:25 UTC 2013

Dear Release Team members and Flavor Release Managers,

    After going through the optional beta 1 last week, its pretty clear
that some tasks are not really applicable for the opt-in,  others only make
sense when /testing is being used for ubuntu and ubuntu-server, etc.

    I've taken a first pass at splitting up the tasks to reflect if they
should be done in the opt-in beta or the final beta.   There are '?' where
its worth discussing what should be done.   The document is a first attempt
and framework - there's probably a lot more to discuss than those I've
noted with a '?'.  ;-)

    Please see:
the original:
has not been touched and is available for comparison purposes.

Lets discuss this on the list and see if we can get the '?' resolved,  and
then when we're happy replace the BetaProcess with BetaProcessReworked

Thanks, Kate
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