[Foundations] Release Meeting 2012-09-28

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 28 12:18:23 UTC 2012

== What was done engineering wise? ==

* look at webkit-1.91 build failure, not a binutils issue, > 4G archive 
  not supported (never was). needs webkit buildsystem changes
* investigate qt4-x11 ftbfs on arm* over the weekend. buildd issue, swapping
  to death. builds locally, so there must be extra load on the buildd.
* start quantal test rebuild
* fix or delegate ftbfs in main, now almost done, although the ftbfs pages 
  don't show progress (unapproved and proposed not shown)
* package libvigraimpex 1.8 to fix ftbfs (just two rdeps, so upgrade should be
  fine, tested).
* fix binutils bfd.h header inclusion, seen in package test rebuilds
* remove the va_list info/warning on arm, accepted upstream and put in gcc-4.7
* fix python2.7 regression
* libjpeg-turbo update to 1.2.1
* gcc-4.7.2 release packages
* python3.3 rc3 packages
* working on XDG_RUNTIME_DIR which has unfortunately still not landed; have had 
  a few false starts with the necessary pam module
* working on getting UEFI SecureBoot shim support landed
* uploaded a more-asynchronous mountall to Debian unstable that fixes some 
  problems in cloud init, and seems to hold together for the rest of us - and 
  might even make boot faster. testing welcome, I'll be asking for this in 
  quantal post-beta and pushing for a precise SRU
* adv-crypto reviewed and uploaded
* ongoing discussion on dmraid -> mdadm migration for Intel Raid
* upstart:
 - Wrote a stack of new unit tests (30 since last week) which have already found 
   a few issues
 - Currently investigating bridge restart and a suspected memory
* parts of the wiki updates for arm installations for final release
* d-i framebuffer issue on arm server installs is fixed
* fixed various flash-kernel bugs
* some zatab (allwinner) spare time hacking (would like to have a hand rolled 
  image ready before UDS)
* the new isotracker version landed in production in time for beta2
* LXC upstream work, reviewing patches, maintaining staging branch
* ported a few LXC scripts to using the python API instead of wrapping the commands
* some last minute fixes in Edubuntu to revert the shopping lens and the new launchers
* blogged about IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack setup on 3G 
* uploaded an isc-dhcp SRU to precise
* started looking into unbound/bind9 support in NetworkManager as potential 
  DNSSEC-aware replacement for dnsmasq
* fixed a bug in one of the thml file preventing the generation of pot files for 
  ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu. Manually imported the new ones in LP
* merged automake1.11 security fix
* finished and landed LP process-accepted-bugs-job branch.  This now seems to be 
  working fine, so we can kill off the old queue script after beta-2
* swtched to the new archive signing key.  Uploaded an ubuntu-keyring SRU as a 
  consequence, pending review
* fixed regression from last week's grub-installer merge
* co-announced new plan to use GRUB 2 for UEFI secure boot, and uploaded (mostly) 
  suitable packaging.  Created a grub2-signed package
* fixed the remaining LP UEFI publishing bugs, allowing us to stage signed UEFI 
  images in PPAs
* verified my apt extra-override-handling SRU from a while back
* more research on top-k for arbitrary date ranges. We have a reasonable
  solution, but I may implmenet something simplier just so we have a solution
  to the failing to load year view a bit sooner
* errors.ubuntu.com front page redesign and milestone lines on the average errors 
  per day graph landed, pending deployment
* implemented part of the reprocessing failed retraces work (RT 56342 pending 
  deployment) with that we'll be able to selectively run stacktrace address 
  signatures back through the retracing and bucketing process
* bug triage and testing of iso-testing bug reports
* update-manager, usb-creator bug triage
* tested and fixed apport bug patterns with python2
* setup a quantal iso-testing report using arsenal

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

pam-xdg-support was uploaded and sits in NEW (FFe bug 894391)

== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ==

bug 1042649 "[FFe] [UIFe] Manual Partitioning Crypt"
bug 792652 "ubiquity crashed with ValueError in command(): I/O operation
           on closed file"
bug 1027648 "ubiquity crashed with ValueError in command(): I/O 
            operation on closed file."
bug 1055640 "ubi-partman error 141 when removing encrypted partition"

bug 1055819 "Ubiquity should avoid partlocked error when rebuilding disk
bug 1055815 "No mountpoint option when manually partitioning with 
            encrypted volumes"
bug 1055581 "FTBFS in Quantal test rebuild"
bug 1055938 "uboot and mlo not in boot partition after install"
bug 1045201 "quantal ubuntu-server isos include cdromupgrade"
bug 320183  "When using "Recover a broken system"
bug 1045409 "'reinstall grub' option missing when rescuing encrypted LVM
            system (or any system with separate /boot)"
bug 956481 "ppc: YabootInstaller doesn't handle USB drive installation 
           so well"
bug 1054143 "armhf-omap4: Beta 20120924 server image fails to install 
            with "no kernels found""
bug 1054323 "Server Installer fails at 'grub install dummy' in EFI mode"
bug 1050595 "Ubuntu Server installation with 128M ram hangs"
bug 1053317 "/usr/share/grub-installer/grub-installer: 57: local: not in
            a function"
bug 1043725 "dep8 test test_stop_update.TestStopUpdate failed: missing 
            dependency on update-notifier (schema 
            com.ubuntu.update-notifier missing)"
bug 1039220 "don't report crashes for programs that don't match the file
            on disk (like for kernel crashes)"
bug 938869 "lsb_release crashed with SIGABRT in Py_FatalError()"
bug 1039484 "Accents in sources.list breaks do-release-upgrade"
bug 1013211 "Please transition libgnomecanvas to multi-arch"
bug 977959 "Please transition libgnome to multi-arch"
bug 1036834 "gdb should be marked "Multi-arch: allowed""
bug 794112 "Kerberos + LDAP + NFSv4 - Unable to recover unattended 
bug 683640 "status_of_proc is returning incorrect error code"
bug 1055326 "During installation, flashplugin fails to install with: 
            IOError: [Errno socket error] [Errno -2] Name or service not
bug 699802 "error:: no video mode activated"
bug 987212 "Wireless printer "Processing - Unable to locate printer.""
bug 1048584 "kdevelop-php should pull kdevelop-php-l10n in pkg_depends"
bug 1028905 "cdrom-detect in quantal omap4 hangs trying to look for 
            install media on an extended partition"
bug 1030278 "Quantal failed to install: ubiquity crashed in 
             apt/progress/text.py in pulse: OverflowError: Python int  
             too large to convert to C long"
bug 1056728 "git-svn needs an update for subversion 1.7.x"
bug 1015567 "upgrade failed: mixed non-coinstallable and coinstallable 
            package instances present" 
bug 1052605 "ERROR:root:getListFromFile: no 
            '/usr/share/update-manager/removal_blacklist.cfg' found:  
            exception during Precise to Quantal upgrade on amd64+mac"

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

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