[Foundations] Release Meeting 2012-09-21

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 21 11:59:48 UTC 2012

== What was done engineering wise? ==

* upstart stateful-reexec:
 - merged lp:~cjwatson/upstart/stateful-reexec-ptrace
 - Fixed string handling to use JSON null
 - Fixed argument handling
 - Wrote a lot of test support code to allow all serialised object types
   to be "diffed"
 - Wrote a few basic tests for Session, Process, Event, Log, Job and 
 - Fixed initctl test to avoid sending Upstart SIGTERM (to avoid 
   re-exec! ;-)
 - Sent patch to man-pages project for ptrace(2)
* ISO tracker:
 - Added time based filtering to /history view and some reports
 - Added a new flag to mark images that are no longer available for 
 - Wrote python script to populate the new available-for-download flag
 - Made testcase collapsible and collapsed by default
 - Implemented new FAMILY placeholder
* Merged and uploaded ifupdown 0.7.2
* Prepared isc-dhcp SRU
* fix openjdk-7 backport for precise
* nbs now clean, component mismatches incompletes pending only
* fixing x86 build failures in universe
* looking to rebuild packages not yet built in quantal
* investigated and fixed kernel boot issue, caused by gcc-4.7
* python updates
* Deployed initial Python port of cdimage.  Still a number of scripts to
* Packaged GRUB 2.00.  Several follow-up fixes
* Fixed a haphazard collection of software-properties and aptdaemon bugs
* Fixed ubiquity failure to bind-mount /run while running 
  grub-installer, causing an apparent resolver failure
* Worked on finishing off LP process-accepted-bugs-job branch.  Still in
* Lots of installer translation updates
* flash-kernel hiding boot devices post install uploaded
* still researching d-i issues with omap4 server installs
* tested new kernel with omap4 images
* look into lshw issues on arm
* researching bindtextdomain() in glade issue - you must use 
  locale.bindtextdomain() because you need to make the change in both
  the python layer and the C layer
* gwibber py3 port
* review of package to team mapping for foundation's packages
* set up auto updating of package to team mapping
* testing bugpatterns using quantal (does not work)
* progressing with manual lvm partitioning (planning to finish in a 
  branch this week)
* finish up getting precise diffs for the multi-arch packages that made 
  it into quantal
* Finished off the Cassandra authentication work and handed it over to 
  webops (https://portal.admin.canonical.com/55226)
* Long fight of unicode issues in apport-retrace (python3) and Cassandra
* Taught daisy.ubuntu.com to attach the full submitted report to the 
  OOPS when one is generated
* Filtered out kernel crashes from daisy, as we don't yet have a way of 
  retracing these
* taught errors.ubuntu.com to asynchronously load the color information 
  for the most common problems table (so you no longer have to use 

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

* no update for XDG_RUNTIME_DIR implementation this week

== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ==

bug 969291 "Check availability of images on cdimage.ubuntu.com"
bug 1050483 "Testcases are large and hide the testcase submission form"
bug 1050489 "Add support for $product inside testcases"
bug 974284 "invoking dhclient3 with -1 causes issue if no dhcp server 
bug 1049177 "isc-dhcp-server apparmor profile should have include ".d" "
bug 727837 "dhcp3-server fails to drop privileges properly"
bug 446679 "Release Notes can't be opened when Firefox is already 
bug 624877 "INFO: task dpkg:23317 blocked for more than 120 seconds."
bug 1050774 "os-prober misparses GRUB 2.00 configuration, leading to 
            arbitrarily-long grub.cfg output lines"
bug 1051154 "mdraid1x core image too large for minimal MBR?"
bug 1047550 "Resolver configuration goes wrong while trying to install 
            grub-efi-amd64 during installation"
bug 1050071 "[FFe] Remove Computer Janitor from the archive"
Debian bug 685167 "py3clean removes *.pyc of foreign packages"
bug 1007637 "ubuntu general hook should check to see if package install 
            failure has already happened"
bug 1049223 "package install failures with uninformative dpkgterminallog
bug 1039484 "Accents in sources.list breaks do-release-upgrade"
bug 1045201 "quantal ubuntu-server isos include cdromupgrade" 
bug 946406 "suspect race condition Keyboard layout, oem-config not set 
           on persistent USB image"
bug 346386 "[MASTER] Update fails with invalid package files with 
           "Encountered a section with no Package: header""
bug 488696 "syntax error in nsswitch config near [ syntax error ]"
bug 1052040 "[regression] [UIFe] ubiquity greeter does not have overlay 
            scrollbars in quantal, but it did in precise"
bug 1008717 "Ubiquity displays scrollbars inside of slideshow"
bug 1048464 ""Edit partition" dialog uses the same title as "Create 
bug 1042649 "[FFe] [UIFe] Manual Partitioning Crypt"
bug 1013798 "Blink SIP client segfaults with libgcrypt11 
bug 988055 "rpc.gssd memory leak"
bug 1052954 "top-k for arbitrary ranges is complex"
bug 987212 "Wireless printer "Processing - Unable to locate printer.""

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

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