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Mon May 21 16:08:17 UTC 2012


On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 10:24:02AM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> […]
> Before we flip the switch and add ~ubuntu-release to ~ubuntu-sru, I'd
> like to discuss two things for a bit:
>  * Bug mail: u-sru gets tons of bug mail. A lot of it is irrelevant
>    for the SRU team itself, but it still needs to be scanned for
>    regression reports and testing feedback (when you should update the
>    verification-needed tag to -done).
>    When we merge the teams, the whole release team will get that mail,
>    which is unnecessary. It would be enough if one or two people get
>    it and are responsible for watching the mail traffic, it's not
>    necessary for reviewing uploads or moving packages to -updates as
>    long as you check the tail of the bug report before doing so.

Is it necessary to read this as incoming email rather than just
reviewing the bug activity when processing from pending-sru? I guess
maybe then you wouldn't catch bad updates in -proposed which nobody tags
v-failed? Does this happen a lot?

>  * Rotation: With the entire release team now (potentially) doing
>    reviews of the stable upload queues, it might be prudent to have a
>    kind of roster (similar to the "archive admin of the day") rather
>    than hoping that "someone else will do it". If there are five
>    people available, we could empty the queues and do the -proposed →
>    -updates promotion every day, and it should not take more than 15
>    minutes every day.

I wonder if pending-sru could be augmented to aid with processing a bit,
by floating packages which are ready to be acted on to the top, like

  - v-done SRUs > 7 days
  - v-failed SRUs
  - Uploads waiting in UNAPPROVED

So that it's not such a slog to get a bit of SRU processing done and
there's less chance of things being dropped. I don't know that every one
of us will be able to volunteer enough time to be on regular duty.
AFAICT the "Archive Days" thing has pretty much gone away now, probably
because the team was organised well enough that it was unnecessary. I
hope the same would happen for SRUs too.

Looking at pending-updates now for the first time properly, there are a
ton of bugs there that it seems are stalled and have been for quite some
time. It's a bit overwhelming, but I guess that most of the entries are
just stalled bugs. Can they be hidden by default? It doesn't seem that
the SRU team is really going to do anything about them.
> Finally, with me moving into a new role from June on [2] and being in
> stable+1 team this month, I'd like to step down from both the release
> and SRU teams. I'll still be available for mentoring, questions, and
> the odd "can you urgently review this" actions, but not doing
> milestone releases or regular SRU work any more.

Thanks for your work! You'll be missed :(


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