[Systems] Release Meeting 2012-02-17

Andrea Cimitan andrea.cimitan at canonical.com
Fri Feb 17 11:42:05 UTC 2012

Only reporting sections worth having a look, no issues or blocking items.

=== What was done engineering wise? ===
  *  indicator-sound
   - Released with visibility toggle patch from Charles
  * indicator-session
   - with pkcompat layer port for apt menuitem
  * indicator-messages
   - Merged icon alignment and lozenge style fixes
  * indicator-printers
   - last minute fixes and packaged
  * gnome-control-center
   - new sound panel redesign released feature complete
  * utouch
   - Released utouch-frame
   - Released utouch-grail
   - Released utouch-geis
   - Fixed utouch-frame 32-bit touch ownership event time handling
   - Fixed utouch-grail atomic (i.e. legacy) gesture support
   - Fixed multiple X multitouch crashers
   - Reviewed utouch-geis grail backend merge proposal
  * xorg-gtest
   - Finally uploaded to Precise

=== Summary of bugs working on by team ===
  * Finished geis grail backend - LP: #775895
  * Fixed geis crasher in evince - LP: #932642
  * Fixed geistest crasher - LP: #824101

=== Next week, UIF week ===
  * Lots of work on light-themes
  * Visual reviews of Unity, on the road to UIF
  * Small UI related fixes on indicators, if any
  * Bugfixing, bugfixing, bugfixing


I'd like to list exceptions we want to ask, both FFe and UIFe.
These are the most likely, the list should not enlarge! :-)
The remaining LP bug numbers, with a precise description, will be added as soon as I will have them.

=== FFe ===
  * Locally integrated menus
   - indicator-appmenu side
   - will fall under the FFe for LIM being filed by Unity Shell team
  * GMenuModel support in HUD/Appmenus
   - Would you formally apply a FFe to this?
  * Improved support for XUL applications
   - Would you formally apply a FFe to this?
  * Disable overlay scrollbars for accessibility
   - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/934123
   - It's quite important for being a LTS, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to fix it before FF
  * X clickpad support (pending call-for-testing outcome)
   - Hopefully proposed next week, maybe following week
   - Not "required", if rejected we can put into a PPA
  * Geis grail gesture accept/reject
   - Should be proposed next week
   - Not "required", but really needs to be in 12.04

=== UIFe ===
  * light-themes unfocused windows theme
   - It's a theme for unfocused windows, like Mac OS does
   - Great improvement in usability (easier to see the focused window)
   - 100% safe, no crashes (Gtk+ supports that upstream), it's merely CSS
   - It won't affect documentation, as it won't change the look of the focused windows
   - I will finish the work in few days after UI freeze, I prefer to spend next week reviewing unity visuals and postpone this after because modifications to light-themes are safe (CSS)
   - I will personally in charge of that


Congrats all for the work done so far!

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