[Foundations] Release Meeting 2012-02-03

Colin Watson cjwatson at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 6 17:05:06 UTC 2012

Kate reminded me that I'd forgotten to send this.  Sorry about that.


=== What was done engineering wise? ===

 * Upgrades:
  * Fixed a couple of apt resolver bugs which were the root causes for
    several upgrade failures in Jenkins.
  * Major apt merge based on Debian experimental, fixing various upgrade
    and multiarch bugs.

 * Installation:
  * Fixed mirror handling for ports installs.
  * Scaled down the ubiquity webcam page.

 * Crash database:
  * Add client retracing support.
  * Add control-center preferences page.

 * Boot:
  * Continuing to work on corner-case fallout from Upstart logging
  * Substantial improvements to the friendly-recovery Upstart job.

 * Networking:
  * Got resolvconf installed by default.  Fixed several pieces of
    fallout from this.

 * Containers:
  * Cross-architecture LXC containers now work [1].

 * Python:
  * Worked on pyqt4-dbus, aptdaemon, and wadllib for Python 3.

 * Toolchain:
  * GCC 4.7 fixes and packaging updates.
  * eglibc updates; the dlopen crash in gdk-pixbuf-loaders on amd64 is
  * Export the sunrpc symbols in libc6.

[1] http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/03/ever-wanted-an-armel-or-armhf-container-on-an-x86-machine-its-now-possible-with-lxc-in-ubuntu-precise/

=== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ===

We're still looking into eglibc 2.15

=== Release Notes ===

 * Ubuntu now uses resolvconf to manage writes to /etc/resolv.conf,
   rather than having multiple programs (NetworkManager, dhclient, BIND,
   dnsmasq, etc.) all write directly to /etc/resolv.conf without
   coordination or locking.
 * Ubuntu now uses dnsmasq as a local DNS resolver on desktop systems,
   controlled by NetworkManager.  This allows DNS queries to be sent
   intelligently to different servers depending on the active
   connections, improving performance and reliability especially when
   VPNs with internal domains are in use.

=== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ===

I don't have a current list of this, sorry; I think we cleared out
everything important for Alpha 2 and now need to ramp up for Beta 1.

=== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items? ===

 * The crash database client is blocked on MIR bug 913694.

=== Issues? ===

None for now.

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at ubuntu.com]

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