Plus One Maintenance for Raring Ringtail

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Tue Dec 4 13:09:04 UTC 2012

This cycle, Plus One Maintenance will look a bit different from
previous cycles.  For starters, people may notice that I am now
doing this for every month in the cycle, so people participating
will always have an archive admin and core-dev to turn to to ask
the hard questions, or get things massaged or sponsored.

Also, this cycle has seen us adopt Debian's 'testing' migration
machinery to enforce clean transitions and migration from the
proposed pocket (where all uploads now go by default) to the
release pocket.  This doesn't mean that the Plus One mission has
changed much, it just means that we now do 99% of our work in the
proposed pocket, so that everything lands in release "clean" and
ready to go.

After much faffing about with new tools and infrastructure, we're
confident that we're ready to kick the tires on this and get more
people involved in our usual Plus One Maintenance rotations again
and, as such, I've put together the roster for this cycle:

Adam Conrad
Andy Whitcroft
Tim Gardner

Adam Conrad
Chris Arges
Micah Gersten

Adam Conrad
Matthias Klose
Michael Still

Adam Conrad
Colin Watson

Adam Conrad
Robie Basak

If you see that your name is on this list and it shouldn't be,
please do let me know.  I tried to get confirmation from everyone,
but some may have slipped through the cracks.  If you're name's
NOT on the list and it SHOULD be, absolutely do speak up, and we'll
get you onboard.  Remember, this is not only a crucial part of our
effort to maintain quality in the development release, but also a
great opportunity to learn by touching a large number of different
packages in the archive.

One final note, December will be a short month, as many of us take
vacations at the end of the month.  This works out fairly well for
the kernel people who couldn't commit to a solid month, but if
they want to contribute one-off stuff here and there through the
cycle, I certainly won't complain.

... Adam

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