[Foundations] Release Meeting 2012-08-24

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 24 11:03:18 UTC 2012

== What was done engineering wise? ==

* fresh round of kernel SRUs this week
* babysitting buildds during and after the DC move
* started work on livefs-in-soyuz on the lp-buildd side
* started looking at old kernel cleanup
* tracking fallout from new xorg-server deps
* merge binutils cross patches from linaro
* binutils update to support aarch64 and x32
* gcc-snapshot update
* gcc-4.4, gcc-4.6 updates (should be "final")
* fixed 10.04 to 12.04 upgrades using media only and regressions 
  introduced by the fixes
* ISO and upgrade testing
* rebased lxc-api-and-python branch, working on a few changes, pushed 
  upstream and in Ubuntu before FF
* bug triage of iso testing bug reports
* research into and data gathering of how people 
  modify /etc/default/grub
* reviewed and merged lp:~mvo/apt-clone/show-diff into apt-clone 
  upstream bzr branch
* discussions around llvmpipe on ARM; helped tjaalton prep the new mesa 
  that we can use for testing this
* discussions around whoopsie remaining enabled in 12.04.1 and getting 
  better information from errors.u.c
* fully virtualized bamboo-feeder using the omap3 server image (with 
  automatic daily testing now, results will be public shortly)
* switch to flash-kernel preEnv.txt support is fully done
* ac100 imaes have been switched to lubuntu-desktop
* final bits and pieces of python3-debian patch set
* working exclusively on the gwibber backend dbus service port to py3 
  (may not be ready for ff, but upstream is already planning an ffe so 
  the backend work will fall under that)
* upstart stateful re-exec, got Upstart to re-register on D-Bus 
  post-exec, identified cause of post re-exec Upstart issues
* finished the implementation of the django-openid-auth integration
* started working in the "90 day moving window" for errors.ubuntu.com
* made http://errors.ubuntu.com/?launchpad=false work
* discussed adding Hadoop to our infrastructure 
  (https://rt.admin.canonical.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=55518 )
* continued work on the "multiple problems in a single dialog branch of 
* fixed a security vulnerability in daisy.ubuntu.com
* finally got package version numbers in the drop-down box on 
* nearly finished implementing URL field specification for 
* sent the first State of the Ubuntu Error Tracker email 
* pointed http://wubi.sf.net to the downloads page
* mdadm, cryptsetup and lvm2 were merged and uploaded 
* removed pictograms on the ubiquity ask page (regaining vertical space)
* made ubiquity crypto passphrase page centred and fixed, crypt option 
  now visible by default
* re-factoring advanced partitioner UI to fit/add crypt, lvm and raid 
* advanced partitioner encryption implementation in progress

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

* llvmpipe has been tested on arm with rather unpleasant results, we 
  will not be able to use it on arm this cycle, a complete NEON backend 
  will have to be developed from scratch to make it work. with the 
  exception of omap4 (where we have PVR) we will either have to drop the
  armhf desktop images or move to a derivative desktop. a formerly 
  discussed opportunity of going on to use unity-2d in an unsupported 
  state failed since the whole lot of unity-2d has not only been 
  disabled in the seeds, but completely been removed from the archive.

== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ==

* bug 930839 "update-manager crashed with SIGABRT in 
  __assert_fail_base(): Assertion !xcb_xlib_unknown_req_in_deq failed
  in dequeue_pending_request"
* bug 1020994 "Ensure whoopsie sends complete crash files to the error 
* bug 932860 "Broken (or missing) multiarch support"
* bug 977964 "Please transition libart-lgpl to multi-arch"
* bug 977959 "Please transition libgnome to multi-arch"
* bug 1036834 "gdb should be marked "Multi-arch: allowed""
* bug 154086 "Installing to HDD with previous ubuntu fails to create 
  fresh LVM claiming group already in use"
* bug 1018907 "plymouth in quantal on arm does only boot with black 
* bug 1038961 "Maximum override line length is too short"
* bug 891258 "Biosdevname auto enabled on Dell HW"
* bug 1039554 "Please re-enable PIE"
* bug 1039597 "Please re-enable PIE and BIND_NOW"
* bug 1033581 "Publisher should set modification times on Releases et 
* bug 1023372 "Direct-copying an already-published package OOPSes"
* bug 1031089 "PPA async copy attempting to "undelete" a package OOPSes"
* bug 985652 "Translations for "retrieving files" are not being used"
* bug 1040140 "error tracker should remove/grey out existing data when 
  user changes display options"
* bug 1038055 in plymouth (Ubuntu)"cannot unlock LUKS devices / video   
  mode not activated"
* bug 460906 "disk/by-uuid/foo symlink points to snapshot rather than 
  the origin"
* bug 995709 "lvm should not scan the entire /dev tree by default"
* bug 837054 "Time Zone selection shows about 20 different "New York"s
and doesn't autoselect my location"

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

* while upstream has added GLES to the main branch of compiz:
this change apparently did not make it into the compiz package that was
uploaded by the desktop team yesterday...

* the PVR driver is ready at [1] but needs bug 1040611
"[needs-packaging] libdri2" to be fixed first

[1] http://people.linaro.org/~rsalveti/pvr/

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