[Ubuntu-ARM] Release Meeting 2011-11-18

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 18 15:16:15 UTC 2011

(sorry for the late mail, that'll improve, promised :) )


== Summary ==

 * The whole team was busy finishing blueprints this week.
 * Work was started to get pandaboard live images building again for
   comparison with the preinstalled images. For QA kernel SRU testing in
   jenkins is being worked on 
 * ARMhf should be ready to start autobuilds next week 
 * Plenty of differences beween omap4 and ubuntu sauce kernels were
   found, seemingly the omap4 kernel was always closer to vanilla then
   to ubuntu. This is being fixed currently 
 * It was found that the FTBFS list is intrestingly small for that
   early stage of the release.
 * armhf build failures will be added to qa.ubuntuwire.org once the
   autobuilds start. 

== Image Status ==

 * Desktop images build
 * Server images are good
 * Netboot images are fine too

== Specs ==


== Bugs ==
Bug 890261 can not execute oem-config in a chrooted environment
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