[Server] Release Meeting 2011-11-18

Dave Walker DaveWalker at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 18 02:04:28 UTC 2011

== Tasks Undertaken ==
 - Blueprints, Blueprints, Blueprints
 - Further discussion and fact finding on technical implementation of
   crucial blueprints.
 - Closing the merge delta.
 - New upstream snapshots of packages which are Ubuntu native.
 - CI testing infrastructure implementation for
   juju/orchestra/openstack components

== Bugs pertinent to Precise Server release that we are working on ==
 883988 package glance 2011.3-0ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade:
ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned
error exit status 1
  - Upgrade bug, Glance doesn't seem to handle database migrations as
    well as other nova.  There is currently discussions upstream about
re-using the same logic.  We are monitoring this.
 888124 excalibur-logkit version 2.0-8 failed to build with openjdk-7
  - Untouched, suspect JamesPage will be investigating shortly..
 890036 Please merge libvirt 0.9.7-2 from Debian unstable (main)
  - Serge has achieved this, and the package is being reviewed before
 881903 lxc-fedora template is broken
  - Cannot currently use lxc fedora guest, it's fixed upstream;
    awaiting new upstream release.
 888671 Please merge facter 1.6.2 (main) from Debian testing (main)
  - Done, Pending review and upload
 607039 NFS4 automount using replicated servers doesn't work
  - Serge is currently triaging this
 889644 Please update OpenMPI to the 1.5 upstream version
  - On hold, pending assignee
 801494 Multi part LVM layout: system fails to boot due to missing
  - Suspect this is resolved, as a duplicate of bug 818177.. But needs
 862558 cobbler-enlist is not checking for return codes enough
  - Adam is undertaking this, currently in progress.
 868488 Cobbler dns name of node needs to match system name
  - Adam is undertaking this, currently in progress.
 868492 cobbler-enlist needs to register all interfaces on system, as
  - Merge proposal from Adam, awaiting review.
 871278 Cannot attach volumes to instances if tgt is used
  - Fixed upstream, pending new upstream snapshot.
 874981 Please merge/sync mcollective from debian wheezy
  - Fix attached, some uncertainty if switching to activemq dep is the
    right thing.  Believe so, requires sponsorship.
 875262 PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library
  - php5 is still looking for an sqlite2 module, koolhead17 is
    investigating - requires support.
 887410 plymouth ask-for-passphrase
  - Assigned to Clint for investigation
 876768 [needs-packaging] netcf
  - Serge has packaged, close to, or already sponsored into Debian
    then awaiting sync
 891977 cobbler-web package still contain traces of Ubuntu branding
  - Mostly fixed, pending cleanup and upload
 892001 debian/copyright not lintian clean
  - bitesize, currently no assignee.

== Bugs we are tracking for server release, that other teams are
working on: ==
 862823 udev causes a kernel panic on oneiric network install
 881076 precise kernels do not boot on ec2 without idle=halt
 759545 user prompted to update unmodified grub configuration during
Ubuntu server upgrade
 833994 debian-installer does not support https when using with
preseed files
 854050 BUG at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.38/mm/swapfile.c:25
 833994 debian-installer does not support https when using with
preseed files
 850960 iscsid tries to reconnect existing session at startup, failing
to do so and hanging the system

== Something Missing?  ==
 Our current focus for tasks to be resolved is listed here:
  - http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html
 If there is something that you believe that should be targeted,
please contact myself or Ursula.


Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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