[Foundations] Release Meeting 2011-11-18

Colin Watson cjwatson at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 18 00:03:57 UTC 2011

== Done this week ==

 * CD image builds switched over to new faster build machine.  The part
   of image builds that it does seems about two or three times as fast
   as before.
 * Perl 5.14 transition (97% finished; 14 out of 462 packages still need
   some work).
 * Work on porting python-dbus to Python 3.  Compiles and runs but test
   suite does not fully pass yet.
 * Some significant Upstart Cookbook updates, in the area of 'expect
 * Upstart job logging rework nominally code-complete, but test and
   documentation still ongoing.
 * Scripting work to help us manage our rls-p-tracking tasks.
 * Substantial research and planning on the crash database, and some
   early coding.
 * Discussion on lp:~ev/apport/disable-core-removal.

== About to land ==

 * New ISO tracker is almost ready to go.

== Summary of bugs ==

We have a lot of items on the rls-mgr-p-tracking list, which I think is
partly because Steve has been efficient about putting things there. :-)
However, almost all are for later milestones.  The only alpha-1 bug is:
 * Bug 862129: update-manager: "samba postrm depends on packages not
   guaranteed to be configured"
  * I'm not entirely clear on the status of this in update-manager; it's
    clearly possible in principle, but will probably require time from
    Michael.  However, I think we can and soon fix the update-inetd part
    of this quite soon (to make it not rely on Perl modules outside
    perl-base), and I've pulled that task back to alpha-1 to reflect

A related bug which I want to call out as well:
 * Bug 891257: doc-base: "doc-base fails to handle perl-base having been
   upgraded but libuuid-perl not"
  * This is the same class of problem in a different place.  I've sent a
    patch to the corresponding Debian bug report, but it isn't entirely
    optimal and I'd like to wait for review feedback.

Other non-rls-mgr-p-tracking bugs we've been working on:
 * Bug 771372: procps: "procps runs too early in the boot process"
 * Bug 823366: ifenslave-2.6: "bond_primary is ignored in
 * Bug 829980: upstart: "upstart-udev-bridge eats 100% cpu calling
 * Bug 876829: ifupdown: "Oneiric's ifupdown breaks ip aliases"

If there's anything else you care about at this point, please ask.

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at ubuntu.com]

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