Computer Janitor not installed be default with Karmic UNR

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Mon Sep 21 18:26:39 BST 2009

On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 11:29:22AM +0200, Loïc Minier wrote:
>  Cc:ing release team since I'm doing relatively large changes to the UNR
>  seed at this point of the cycle; even if they seem the right thing to
>  do and what we want for karmic, I prefer giving them a heads up here.

> On Fri, Sep 18, 2009, Robbie Williamson wrote:
> > Was this always the case?

>  Yes (we created the UNR seed before computer-janitor was added to the
>  desktop seed and didn't pick up the change).

>  Background: We reviewed the UNR seed at our last distro sprint to check
>  we were not missing any DX stuff, but we didn't review the whole
>  desktop seed again.  Since this review, we are subscribed to the seed
>  via Launchpad and we review ubuntu.karmic changes for merging into
>  unr.karmic.  We also discussed a long term plan with Colin to have a
>  common seed for common stuff between Ubuntu Desktop Edition and Ubuntu
>  Netbook Remix, but this needs some new germinate features to be
>  developed first (unlike desktop-common we'd like to be able to exclude
>  some stuff, but not via the blacklist mechanism).  Finally, we discuss
>  desktop technologies integration in the desktop and in UNR weekly in
>  IRC meetings and phone calls with other teams.

>  So I've just did a full review of the delta and it was much larger than
>  I thought.  I rearranged the UNR seed so that it's easier to compare
>  with the desktop seed and did these changes:
>   - Add (evolution-plugins), (evolution-exchange), and (evolution-webcal) to
>     match the evolution features on the desktop
>   - Merge ubuntu.karmic r1551; seed software-store in place of
>     gnome-app-install
>   - Add (gnome-codec-install) as we do want this feature when playing media
>     files under UNR
>   - Add (transmission-gtk) for bittorrent downloads
>   - Seed rarian-compat explicitely (but was already pulled anyway)
>   - Seed pulseaudio-module-bluetooth instead of pulseaudio-module-udev
>   - Add (gnome-disk-utility) to format USB keys etc.
>   - Add gnome-session-canberra for login sound
>   - Add gstreamer0.10-schroedinger for Dirac support
>   - Update arch list in oo.o, tomboy and f-spot entries
>   - Add (
>   - Add (computer-janitor-gtk)

>  So thanks a lot for bringing this up!

>  The remaining delta between desktop and UNR is:
>  - we miss:
>    * gdm-guest-session: we thought netbooks were single user and this
>      wasn't required in UNR
>    * gimp + libwmf0.2-7-gtk, brasero,, xsane,
>      tsclient: considered in appropriate / useless in UNR or netbooks
>    * rss-glx, xscreensaver-gl: incompatible with our clutter launcher
>    * usb-creator-gtk, vino: I'm not 100% sure why we don't ship these;
>      will bring them up on next desktop integration meeting
>  - we add:
>    * UNR stack (ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings, netbook-launcher,
>      desktop-switcher, maximus, window-picker-applet, go-home-applet,
>      webfav)
>    * cheese

Provided that it doesn't cause problems with image sizes for beta, I think
this all looks reasonable.  Thanks for the heads-up.

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