17.04: Unity greeter bug

Alkis Mavridis alkis.mavridis at ciit.eu
Sat Mar 25 14:25:01 UTC 2017

In beta2 version of 17.04, Unity greeter.

It automatically logs me in when I click the password field. Even by
selecting the filed by hitting tab button, it is impossibile to type
This applies to both unity 7 and 8 options. (Automatic login option is
disactivated in my user settings)

After login (with a click), Unity 7 asks my password from a window (when i
open a web browzer).
The most wierd of all is, that this window accepts my old password instead
of my new. Sudo commands accept the new of course.

I changed my password it with passwd by booting in recovery mode, because I
had issues with sudo rejecting it all the time. I thought that i mistyped
it or something, so i set a new. Or maybe this is also related with the
greeter bug?

Thanks in Advance

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