call for testing: hashicorp's vault

Leo Arias leo.arias at
Tue Mar 7 05:01:29 UTC 2017


Here's one more snap specially packaged for you :)

Vault is a tool to manage secrets in a secure way. So all the
confinement properties that Ubuntu and snaps provide make it a perfect
match. It's developed by Hashicorp, an amazing free software company
that builds a cool set of tools for server infrastructure. So our
interest with vault is to get it into the Ubuntu store with a flawless
release process, in order to get all the other hashicorp tools
following it.

Vault version 0.6.5 is in the stable channel, so you can get it with:

$ sudo snap install vault

version 0.7.0-beta1 is in the beta channel:

$ sudo snap install vault --beta

Here is the guide to get started testing:

You will notice that it only documents tests for the dev server. One
very important thing to try before release is the server in a more
real environment. And many more things to try can be found on the
website docs:

Also, just as we did with IPFS, it's very important to test the update
process. After installing from the stable channel:

$ sudo snap refresh vault --beta

As usual, please let me know how it goes. And if you have questions
about vault or snaps, here is also a good place to ask.

We will be following the pre-releases of 0.7, and I will be notifying
you here they are pushed to the Ubuntu store.

pura vida.
¡paz y baile!

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