Introducing Pilot; an app for testing

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Thu Oct 1 16:27:26 UTC 2015

Since the initial announcement of a Ubuntu phone, the community has been 
involved with finding bugs, fixing things, developing apps, and helping 
make the phone what it is today. As time went on, users have been asking 
for an easier way to help test new versions of Ubuntu, new core apps, 
new services, etc. I agreed with them and longed for an easy to use 
application that would allow an enthusiast to help run needed tests and 
communicate the results.

Today, I'd like to introduce a new application that is based on the 
excellent work by the checkbox team called Pilot. This application is 
the culmination of that dream. Pilot allows you to run manual tests on 
your device and submit your results back to the QA team within 
Canonical. You can execute tests on your phone at any time directly via 
the application. Application updates will bring new tests that the QA 
team wishes to target.

So try the app out. Run through the tests and submit results. And then 
also let us know what you think of using the application. It's my desire 
to make the act of testing simple enough for you to do whenever the mood 
strikes! Otherwise you might just play Falldown[1] instead :p



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