[Ubuntu-phone] Introducing Pilot; an app for testing

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Fri Oct 2 11:52:14 UTC 2015

El día Thursday, October 01, 2015 a las 12:27:26PM -0400, Nicholas Skaggs escribió:

> Since the initial announcement of a Ubuntu phone, the community has been 
> involved with finding bugs, fixing things, developing apps, and helping 
> make the phone what it is today. As time went on, users have been asking 
> for an easier way to help test new versions of Ubuntu, new core apps, 
> new services, etc. I agreed with them and longed for an easy to use 
> application that would allow an enthusiast to help run needed tests and 
> communicate the results.
> Today, I'd like to introduce a new application that is based on the 
> excellent work by the checkbox team called Pilot. This application is 
> the culmination of that dream. Pilot allows you to run manual tests on 
> your device and submit your results back to the QA team within 
> Canonical. You can execute tests on your phone at any time directly via 
> the application. Application updates will bring new tests that the QA 
> team wishes to target.
> So try the app out. Run through the tests and submit results. And then 
> also let us know what you think of using the application. It's my desire 
> to make the act of testing simple enough for you to do whenever the mood 
> strikes! Otherwise you might just play Falldown[1] instead :p

I did:

1. installed the app
2. started the app
3. clicked "Start Testing"
4. checked box "dekko-firstrun"
5. clicked "Continue"
6. clicked "Start Testing" (4 tests were already marked in the checkbox)

Now an instruction page comes up with 6 instructions. Should I do them
manually or just click "Start the test"?

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