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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Fri Nov 20 16:08:13 UTC 2015

On 11/19/2015 05:54 PM, Mike Lloyd wrote:
> Hey guys. I created a documentation task that will help go through and
> clean up help pages.
> For students to pick work from, I will generate a master spreadsheet of
> pages based off a site crawler, then each student can pick whatever page
> they want to review from the spreadsheet.
> To verify the what wiki help pages need to be updated, I would have the
> student assigned to the page walk through the page, following it
> step-by-step to make sure it is correct. If it doesn't work, the student
> can then do research into how to make it work. If the student get's stuck
> and can't figure out what steps are needed to make the information current,
> they can ask a mentor for help. Before updating the page, I would have the
> student email the changes to a mentor, have the mentor review the student's
> changes, and then have the student update the page once a mentor has
> verified.
> If a page should be deleted, then the student can mark a page for deletion.
> After the GCI is over, the list can be reviewed by the QA community before
> a page is deleted.
> I figure this is the best way to keep our help pages current. What are the
> community thoughts? I based this off the Wiki Pages task example from here:
> Here is the initial task:
> Mike.
Mike, a master list of potential pages is a good idea. Do you have a 
list to start? How will you crawl them? For the edits, I think it would 
be 'OK' to have the students edit the page directly, and then ask for a 
review. You could also do the whole clone / replace thing too if you 
don't like the idea of direct editing. That is, you copy the wiki page 
to a temporary page and edit it there. Once reviewed, you replace the 
original page and delete the copy.

Specific to the QATeam wiki, I think having a task to go through each of 
the Roles pages is an excellent place to start. I imagine there's also 
some dead pages / cloned pages, etc that could be found by looking at 
things like and I'm sure wiki experts 
would have even more tricks.


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