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Mike Lloyd kevin.michael.lloyd at
Thu Nov 19 22:54:09 UTC 2015

Hey guys. I created a documentation task that will help go through and
clean up help pages.

For students to pick work from, I will generate a master spreadsheet of
pages based off a site crawler, then each student can pick whatever page
they want to review from the spreadsheet.

To verify the what wiki help pages need to be updated, I would have the
student assigned to the page walk through the page, following it
step-by-step to make sure it is correct. If it doesn't work, the student
can then do research into how to make it work. If the student get's stuck
and can't figure out what steps are needed to make the information current,
they can ask a mentor for help. Before updating the page, I would have the
student email the changes to a mentor, have the mentor review the student's
changes, and then have the student update the page once a mentor has

If a page should be deleted, then the student can mark a page for deletion.
After the GCI is over, the list can be reviewed by the QA community before
a page is deleted.

I figure this is the best way to keep our help pages current. What are the
community thoughts? I based this off the Wiki Pages task example from here:

Here is the initial task:

Mike Lloyd
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