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Hi Nicholas and everyone else,

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> I'm late to the thread and moinmoin wiki is not my forte. I've been blessed
> with some help from others in the community to arrive where we are today.
> SO, that said, is there a way to automagically generate an index for our
> pages and keep it up to date? If yes, then consider me in favor. Also
> consider me as not helpful in making this happen besides cheerleading those
> with knowledge!

I will never claim to be an expert but when it comes to Ubuntu Wiki pages,
I was the one who built Ubuntu GNOME Wiki area from scratch. When I joined
Ubuntu GNOME in July 2013, we had only one page + the release notes. Today,
we have this:

And, that Wiki Map was generated manually, link by link. Because all the
pages you see except one were created by me. So, I know each and every page
and as you see, it has a tree view as well.

I have no idea whether we can generate that automatically or not? perhaps
there is a way?! I don't know. For Ubuntu GNOME, it has been done manually
because we had only one page 2 years ago.

If there is a way to do that automatically for Ubuntu Quality, it would be
great :)

If someone could explain how can we find the Wiki Pages (ALL of them) for
Ubuntu Quality, it is also helpful, even though we have to do the index

As of now, I can not tell where are the pages for Ubuntu Quality because
these pages lack some basic features like "go back link". We should NOT
expect everyone to hit "Back" on the browser and there SHOULD be a "go back
link" IMHO. But I understand, that is just my opinion and YMMV.

Let me know if you guys need some help :)

Not that I have time to do anything extra at this point, to be honest but I
can definitely share some of what I have/know.

Thank you!

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